We shall be of service to the needy


1st Week of Ordinary Time (16th January, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 2:14-18
Gospel: Mk 1:29-39

Jesus went to the house of Simon and Andrew. Simon’s mother in law was bedridden with fever. They told Jesus about it. Jesus went and took her by hand and immediately, she was healed from the fever.

in that evening, all the people who were sick and possessed by Demons were brought to Jesus and he cured many and cast out many devils. Jesus asked them not to speak about it since the crowd new who Jesus was. He stayed with them that night.

Very early in the morning, Jesus left the house without telling anyone and went out to pray in a lonely place.

Simon and others came in search of him and told Jesus that all are looking for him.

Jesus replied that HE should go to the neighbouring country town so that HE could preach there too, since this was his mission. Then Jesus travelled across Galilee preaching in synagogues and casting out devils.

As we reflect, we get certain thoughts like:

Jesus seeks the sick and heals them. He casts out Demons from the afflicted people that is, be of voluntary service.

Jesus stayed with common people in their houses to show that he is one among them

Jesus asked people not to speak about all what they witnessed to maintain his identity confidential and no publicity

Jesus went out early morning without informing others to pray in solitude.

Jesus goes to all places not restricting his mission in one place

Let’s be of voluntary service by being one among the common man, not seeking any publicity. Let us also spend the best time in prayer so that we can do a mission and serve and save as many people as possible. Amen.

What do you think?