God in His mercy will bring abundant fruit


3rd Week of Ordinary Time (1st February, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 10:32-39
Gospel: Mk 4:26-34

In today’s reading we have two parables i.e., the parable of the growing seed and secondly the parable of the mustard seed. Between these two parables, let us draw inspiration from the first parable i.e., the parable of the growing seed for our life. The parable explains that mere putting seed on the ground make it grow automatically. The man only plants the seed on the earth and does not do anything more. The seed once planted grows automatically without the intervention of anyone. The growth of seed is inevitable.

It is easy for anyone to understand that the seed referred to in this parable is the word of God. as the seed is planted on the earth, so the Word of God is placed in the hearts of mankind. As the seed given the proper environment, grows automatically and inevitable, the world of God too would grow where it is received by faith in to the heart of the hearers. The only thing is that the seed should be put by men. The word of God too has to be planted in the hearts by men. The seed does not automatically fall on the ground unless sown by the farmer. So too, the word of God has to be planted by the men within their heart.

The second lesson we can get from the parable is that similar to the case of the parable of the sower, here too there is necessity of good ground which is able to receive the seed as well as allow it to grow. Although we can’t force seed to grow it grows according to the nature in time. There is necessity of preparation of ground for the seed to sprout. The first preparation need is the repentance of the heart which is going to be our soil bed. An unrepentant heat, relentless heart, an adamant heart can’t receive the seed and even if it does, one can’t expect any yield from it. It is not post sowing but pre-sowing preparation i.e., prior to the seed i.e. Ward of God fall in our hearts, our heart must be such as to be able to receive it well.

The third element we need to understand in the principle is that the harvest is brought about by God alone. The man only sows it and the earth receives it but the fruit is up to God. One can’t compel the desired fruit. It is up to God to grant it. As St Paul says, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow” (1 Cor 3:6). This is the truth of the parable we have heard. The Kingdom of God grows in our heart to the extent we are able to receive it worthily and God in His mercy would bring about abundant fruit. Amen.

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