Follow God with full heart


4th Week of Ordinary Time (5th February, 2019)

First Reading: Heb 12:1-4
Gospel: Mk 5:21-43

The gospel narrates the call of St Peter by Jesus. It is a narration which explains that disappoint of daily life can become an occasion to follow the Lord by listening to him. When we analyze the gospel, we see many parts in it. The first apart contains the sharing of disappointing toil of Peter with Jesus. It is the experience of fishermen that not always they have good catch. Some time a lot of fish, at times some and in some days nothing and it happens to be the worst day for Peter. The empty handedness of peter was going to be so full handedness as to require the help of others to haul the fish. Such was due to his obedience to the Word of God as he with humility says, “But if you say so, I will let down the nets”. The obedience and surrender of St. Peter to Jesus does not go in vain. Our good effort for His glory never went out or will go in vain if we have trust in Him. This incident becomes an example for it.

What follows was all the more dramatic. A person who only was in need of fish for his daily living witnesses a great miracle and the miracle leads him to realization of his unworthiness as he says, “Leave me Lord, I am a sinful man”. The Gospel does not end with it. In fact God never leaves anyone in sinful state but redeems a person form his sinful nature and leads him to a holy and redeemed state. And that is what happened in the life of St. Peter. Once he confessed his sinful condition, Jesus, in his mercy takes him with confidence and invites them to continue his profession only with the change of the subjects of the catch is no longer fish but men as he invites him saying, “I will make you fishers of men”.

Jesus instills in the fearful person courage and trust. The grace of God fills him with confidence as he follows Jesus abandoning everything. Today’s gospel instills in us too the faith and confidence that God never leaves us but is at our rescue always. We too would surely experience e if we have trust in what he calls us to be. Let us like St. Peter surrender our entire being with all its sinful nature, follow Him with full heart and indeed be fishers of men for His glory and honour. Amen.

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