CALL as a Divine Intervention: General Understanding


God calls ordinary people and make them to be a true witness in proclaiming the Word of God and gives them the necessary graces. According to Cherian Louis, “call of God is often disruptive, breaking into ordinary lives and asking ordinary people to bear a mission of human transformation and to experience profound and sometimes wrenching change in order to be faithful to that divine summons.”[1]

We believe that God calls all human beings into life and gives them meaning and purpose, along with the freedom to choose and to commit to the gifts that God offers.  That is the foundation of the meaning of the word “call” “or “vocation.” As people of faith we are called throughout our life to seek the face of God – a call to holiness and the fullness of life itself. This is the end point of the biblical quest: to see the face of God and live. It is for this that we are called, all of us as part of the human family, and surely all of us as part of the Church. God calls individuals to follow him and makes them worthy of His calling and makes them realise that the very call to follow Him is a gift .[2]

He also specifies that “Biblical call stories show us that God calls ordinary people like us – people who hesitate, who are sceptical or doubt, who feel unworthy, who are unsure of their gifts, who wonder if they are making the right choice.”[3]  The Prophets give a clear understanding on how they accepted the call of God and responded to it with faith in God’s providence and care.  Moses who stammered and wondered if he could speak in public; Jeremiah who thought he was too young for the job; Isaiah who felt he was unclean and not worthy of the service to which God was calling him; Amos who declared that neither he nor his family was equipped for what God was asking of him. The call of God is often difficult in accept it but it involves one’s total detachment to self.  The initial response of the one who is called is that he does not and will not know how to speak. Yet this involves a genuine response, since the call alone provoked and requested the impossibility. We are called by God and response to our call should be a genuine which becomes a total surrender to the divine call.[4]

The call is sacred and that enables us, in response to the call of God, to embrace whatever that God would have us to be and to do in the Church and the world.[5]  When God calls someone, it is very evident He calls that person at a certain time, a certain place, to give a certain message to a certain group of people; today God is still seeking after those who are from different stations in life and talents.[6]

God calls people to salvation, hope, repentance, performing a task, undertakings a labour, fellowship and more. The purpose of God’s call is for the people of God to worship God, and to participate in God’s creative and redemptive purposes for the world, to enjoy, hope for, pray for and work toward God’s shalom. God as a caller takes the initiative. Though it is God who calls, God uses mediators to communicate that call to its recipients.[7]  God’s call is a gift which we receive freely from Him and it is indeed a radical response to His divine call. God’s call is to be understood as primarily a call not so much to do something. It is not a call to do, but a call to be. It is true that God does call us to different tasks, but first calls us to something more significant, namely to be His.[8]  Answering the call of God demands consistent walk with God, and seeking His face daily. When we answer the call, we are solely accountable to God for all our actions.[9]

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