Call of God: A Gratuitous Gift


Francis Kelly Nemeck in his book “Called by God” makes an attempt “The Lord’s invitation to participate in the inner life of God is absolutely gratuitous. God bestows the gift not because of our goodness or worthiness- whether actual or foreseen – but solely out of unconditional love. That abiding love draws us irresistibly to give way to the divinizing activity within us.”[1] The vocation of Jeremiah is nothing but the intention of God. It is not accidental that Jeremiah became the prophet of God but specifically intended by God himself. It is the story of every vocation. In this way, vocation is a gift – a gratuitous gift of God for whom he intended to give.[2]

Call is a gratuitous gift of God to an individual God not only calls persons, but also forms them continuously so that they may grow to lead a life befitting their vocation. The grace of vocation has to be understood as a gift first of all.[3]  The prophets were called by to be in the service of His people and they were called out of His great love for the people.  So, the prophetic call indeed a great gift which is given to the individuals. Since God chooses a person out of love, the response should be a total commitment to His greater love. One should be accountable before the Lord for that incomparable gift. Out of profound gratitude for have been chosen, the one who is called irresistibly yearn to respond to the divine initiative.[4]

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