CALL as a Divine Intervention


God’s call is a personal invitation. The Biblical prophets were certain not only of the fact that God had spoken to them, but also that they were called to convey to the people the same message which God spoke to them. God calls certain people to continue His mission on this earth.  He calls and consecrates them to be His messengers to proclaim His Word and lead the people according to His Word. The first chapter is precisely dedicated to understand the two concepts regarding the Biblical understanding of the call in the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament. Mainly focused on the call of prophets in General in specifically call of Jeremiah and in General the call of Disciples.  To be called by God, means to be His follower and to centre one’s life on God. God calls an individual for a precise mission and empowers the person to become more fervent in his or her call.  So, the purpose of the following articles on “CALL AS A DIVINE INTERVENTION: A BIBLICAL UNDERSTANDING” is to help us to identify our own sense of call to be the prophets as well as disciples and to find the Biblical roots for our own sense of vocation.

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