Be Spiritually Mature


3rd Week of Ordinary Time (2nd February, 2019)

First Reading: Mal 3:1-4
Gospel: Lk 2:22-40

Today the Church invites us to commemorate the presentation of Child Jesus in the temple. It is at the apt time and for the apt reason that the parents of Jesus come to present him at the temple this act is in fact, as we all know is the fulfillment of the commandment made in Leviticus 12:1-5. As they enter the temple, they are welcomed by Simeon and Anna. The Gospel tell us that Simeon was truly a righteous man and Anna was a woman completely dedicated to God’s service and who worshiped day and night. Both had gift of God’s revelation concerning Jesus and they witnessed to His identity as Messiah.

The story of presentation of Child Jesus in the temple speaks of how his parents went on to fulfill the Will of God in every way at each level of bringing up of the child. The readings of Christmas season clearly enumerate how from the time conception of child Jesus both Joseph and Mary go on conducting their lives and doing things to bring about Jesus into this earth. Moreover, the readings on the birth events describe the responsible participation and active involvement of his parents. Thus, they perfectly shouldered the responsibility of bringing up Jesus in all the ways possible they did so so that they could make Him ready of His mission.

Today, God give us the same responsibilities. Although no such spectacular events of holy nature happen as it happened in the case of Mother Mary and Joseph, we too are given the same responsibilities. Each of us has someone or other under our care. They need not be too small but could be of any age. Out our responsibility is not washed away because of it. God expects us to imitate the example of Mary and Joseph in fulfilling the will of God and norms of the Church. Our responsibility is not only in making our children or dependents physically fit but also spiritually mature. This is possible only when we submit ourselves to God like Mary and Joseph. Amen.

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