Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Jefferson Bennit

Hi! Guys! I am Fr. Jefferson Bennit, a Catholic Priest belonging to the Roman Catholic Church. I am passionate about proclaiming the WORD OF GOD through online media. My field of interest are related to Bible study, Christian Theology, Faith, Spirituality, etc. I write Christian articles and blogs, while doing my active ministry in an interior diocese placed in one of the remote parts of India.

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Fr. Jefferson Bennit

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Luke 4:1-13 – Temptation of Jesus

The baptism of Jesus and his temptations in the desert are closely connected...

John 19:14 – Behold, Your King

“Here is your King!” (Jn 19: 14) is another declaration made by Pilate...

John 19:5 – Behold, the Man

The declaration by Pilate “Here is the man!” (Jn 19: 5) is not...
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